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For the SRS, it's been a great ride, and we always focused on southern rock music.  The initial drive to get the SRS and the SRS Band going happened a long time ago, when Larry & I were sitting at bar and somehow the background music became more and more audible.  Then we realized that we'd been there for hours and heard no southern rock music.   Now we sat there deliberately listening for southern rock music, either on the radio or jukebox, etc...  and again, just about nothing.  Just a few of the same tunes, you know, Freebird, and a few others that you've heard over and over again.…  However, this seemed

 However, this seemed particular to southeast Florida, as our friends in Ocala and north Florida said they heard plenty of southern rock music where they were at; songs from Skynyrd, Blackfoot, Outlaws, Molly Hatchet, etc....   With that, we started the Southern Rock Society, to promote southern rock music in southeast Florida.  Little did we know that we would soon find many (thousands) of like-minded people, and not just in south Florida, but all over the world.   We offered SRS membership, and even sent out laminated SRS membership cards (again, thousands of them), to show their friends that southern rock music is alive and well.

We didn't want to just talk the talk, we wanted to walk the walk, so we started the Southern Rock Society Band, to play southern rock music in all the local bars and events, keeping our local airways full of what we think is some of the greatest music.

As we progressed, we met up with Doc Reno of Big 105.9 radio, who ultimately gave us some great opportunities to play live at his Wings Fest events.  At this point it is about ten years into this, and if you listen closely to radio here in south Florida, there is more southern rock music played.  We'd like to think we helped inspire the DJs to do this and keep that Great Sound of Southern Rock Music going strong

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"Long Live the Great Sound of Southern Rock Music"