Billy Crain

Billy Crain has been a driving force on Southern Rock music since, well, since there's been Southern Rock!

New album "village" out now!

BC 2022



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(from Billy's web-site) -

 "Practically born with a guitar in his hands, he learned how to play by ear at a very early age. By the age of fifteen he was playing in bands on the club circuit with his older brother, Tommy Crain. Tommy eventually went on to play with the Charlie Daniels Band for fifteen years.   

 In 1976, Billy began playing with Bobby Whitlock from Derek and the Dominoes. In 1977 Billy got a call from Henry Paul from the band the Outlaws to come join his band. Billy moved to Florida to join the Henry Paul Band and the band inked a deal with Atlantic Records. The band went on to record four albums of which Billy was one of the main contributors of the songwriting."

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